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Learning Resource Centre

SCAS Learning Resource Centre

Your Library is your paradise.

Desiderius Erasmus

The SCAS Learning Resource Centre is indeed a hotspot that happens to share knowledge with learners. We have a large collection of books, journals, magazines and newspapers. We keep our students up to date on current trends and technology. We are digitally connected and have easy access to e-resources. The SCAS Learning Resource Centre aims to provide students and faculty with unrestricted access to a wide range of materials while also ensuring that they are productive members of knowledge and thoughts. The library is an important part of teaching and learning.


SCAS Learning Resource Centre

Because of the large number of books and journals available, the library at Suguna College of Arts and Science is also known as the "SCAS Learning Resource Centre." We have over 2500 book volumes and 50 journals (National and International), as well as 600 e-journals, CD ROMs, an Online database and Projects.

image 1300

sq.m total area

image 2500+ Total No of Books
image 25+ International Journals
image 50+ National Journals
Digital Resources

Renewal of Books in library

Users can also renew the books again after the completion of charging period, subject to not being requested from some other user.

The following Table divides users into the following categories based on their entitlements, Maximum number of Books and Number of days of issue. Instructors have the ability to have Text books issued for the entire semester.

Library Timing

Library Working Hours: 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM
Book Transaction and Circulation timing: 9.30.00 AM to 4.30 PM

Rules and Regulations:

To improve their academic performance, all students must use the library.
Complete silence must be maintained in & near the library.
Must maintain strict silence, decorum and discipline. Cell phone use is also prohibited.
Eating, sleeping and talking loudly are strictly prohibited.
Readers should not highlight, underline, write, tear pages or damage library materials.
Newspapers, Magazines and Journals may only be read on specific tables in the library and may not be taken to other reading areas.
No library material can be taken out of the library.
The library card will be issued with one book for home lending. Pure reference books, Issues of periodicals, Magazines and News papers will not be permitted to leave the Library or be loaned out for personal use.
Readers can contact the Librarian if they have any problems.
Anyone who violates the library's rules and regulations risks losing their membership privileges and being barred from using the library's facilities.
List of users
S.No Membership Category No of Books Issues Due Period
1 Students 5 30 Days
2 Faculty 10 15 days
3 Administrative Staff 5 15 Days
# Library Members are recommended to return or renew the books by the due date indicated on the book, as failure to do so will result in a penalty.
# If a user loses the Book, he or she must either replace it or pay a fine equal to the cost of the Books.


SCAS Learning Resource Centre.